Nutrition Tips For Healthy Teeth

Many of your lifelong eating habits are formed while you are young and growing so it’s up to parents to guide their children into good eating habits. The best way is by example. Here are examples: –       Keep processed sugar to a minimum – soda and other sweetened drinks, sticky or sucking candy, chewing gum

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Ageing With a Smile

The best way to age with a beautiful smile is to take good care of your teeth throughout your life, to see me regularly for check ups and cleanings, and to attend to any problems right away while they are still manageable. If you have lost teeth and avoid smiling, if your lips look sunken

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Oral Cancer Awerness Month

Over 45,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Although most are related to smoking and/or alcohol abuse, these cancers can develop without either factor present. Oral cancers can spread quickly, and, unless caught early, treatment can result in disfigurement of the face and jaw. Once it has spread, your chance of surviving beyond

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