Nutrition Tips For Healthy Teeth

Many of your lifelong eating habits are formed while you are young and growing so it’s up to parents to guide their children into good eating habits. The best way is by example.

Here are examples:
–       Keep processed sugar to a minimum – soda and other sweetened drinks, sticky or sucking candy, chewing gum and table sugar.
–       Watch out for prepared foods that have hidden sugar – read the labels!
–       Drink plenty of water, it aids digestion.
–       Fluoridated water is ideal because fluoride makes teeth more resistant to the acids contained in many foods that cause cavities. Suffolk county water is not fluoridated! Parents – give your kids fluoride supplements to compensate for this lack. Ask me about the proper dosage for your children.
–       Eat lean protein like fish, eggs, milk, and chicken and beef with its fat removed.
–       Fruits and vegetables are vitamin-rich and full of fiber, which help to balance the sugars they contain. The fiber also helps to clean your teeth.
–       Eat nuts. They are a great snack food. They contain protein and minerals and low in carbohydrates and calories.

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